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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. here are the top stories we're following for you. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened, but why it happened. >> investigative teams try to find out what caused a deadly train derailment. and using drones to make deliveries. one company's futuristic vision for getting packages to their customers. plus the killing of henry glubber. a retrail in the wake of hurricane katrina. >> crews are working tory move toppled rail cars as
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investigators look into what caused sunday's deadly train derailment in new york city. >> our mission is to oh understand not only what happened but why it happened with the intent of it ever happening again. >> four people died when a manhattan-bound train jumps the trans in a riverside curve in the bronx. and the derailment is having a huge impact on one of the nation's busiest commuter rail line. we're in the bronx where those train cars derailed. john, explain what you're seeing now. >> reporter: good afternoon. the hudson line is one of the busiest commuter rodz i routes e world. 26,000 people use it every day to get in to new york city and home again, but not today. more than 24 hours after the crash that killed four people and injured more than 60 they're making good progress.
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but they're still clearing the tracks. >> it was going fast, and as it hit the curve it was flying. >> reporter: in an instant all seven cars came off the tracks and slid down a small hill landing just inches from the hudson river. >> there was screaming, people screaming out for god, and asking for their families. it was gruesome. >> three of the four who died were ejected from the train. >> with have incident of a couple of people underneath the cars. we used airbags to lift the cars. >> there was no make of what was happening. >> it sounded like a plane crash that kept going on and on, the sound of the buckling train cars going on and on. >> reporter: the derailment north of the sky scrapers of manhattan many who shocked that the thanksgiving holiday ended in such a tragic way.
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>> i saw a dead body. they covered it with a white sheet. and then it's just breathtaking. >> reporter: with the search that included cadaver dogs and divers. all passengers and crew members were accounted for. the injured who were flipped and tossed inside the train cars were taken to inside hospitals. the safety board has begun a meticulous task of piecing together what went wrong and concluding whether speed was a factor when it careened off the track. >> we have recovered the recor recorder off the cab car. >> reporter: officials say the metropolitan transit authority said the train was going too fast into the turn and the they performed a braking maneuver called dumping used in catastrophic circumstances.
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but governor cuomo is not so quick to blame the curve. >> the train takes the curve 365 days a year. it's not the fact that there is a curve here. there has to be another factor. >> reporter: they installed flood lights and began moving the trains and repairing the tracks, a job that could continue well into today. the job disrupting community for hundreds of thousands of passengers and many wondering why it could go so terribly wrong. >> there is no reason why people coming home fo for the hall they should be dead. >> reporter: as we leave you here high above the hudson line we have some new pictures to show you. i'll just step out of the camera and our cameraman can now show you that the second carriage in the concert has just been
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righted in the last couple of minutes leaving we think just one now. that's the carriage or the railcar that came so close to the harlem river when the train crashed. one word for the commute this morning. it's been chaotic. people who use the line have been going to yonkers. >> the metro north railroad is the second busiest railroad in the united states. rerouting the customers is no easy task. the train was headed to grand central. many had a difficult time getting to work today. what alternatives were available to commuters? >> reporter: yes, stephanie, in some ways it is a blessing that this accident happened on a sunday morning so the mta, which
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runs metro north, had a plan to put in alternate arrangements, but they were not as straightforward as they normally would be getting to this station. trains, subways, replacement shuttle buses making it difficult for travelers to get to work on time. it added an hour to an hour and a half to their commute. the travelers seem to be taking in all in their stride. >> we're getting back on a subway to a train, a bus, to another train. small price to pay for what other people are going through. we don't mind. >> right now, of course, not the rush hour. everyone seems quite okay to amend their travel schedule and take on the extra time. the mta said it's going to be a difficult week. they don't anticipate that this line will reopen by the end of the week. a lot of things have to happen.
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the investigators have to turn the crash over over to mta, they'll have to get the train out of the way and repair 800 feet of track that was damaged in sunday's crash. it will be a very difficult week for commuters coming here who normally would go on the hudson lines, 26,000 of them. >> an inconvenience, indeed. thank you. well, the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of the crash. they're on the scene. lisa stark is in washington with that side of the story. good afternoon. what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, they now have the two event recorders, the data recorders back here in washington, d.c. they're in the mtsb lab, they're going through the data they can get from those recorders. one thing to look for is the speed of the train, how fast was it going. they also want to know the break pressure. were the brakes applied, when
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and how strenuously. i'm told the reporter will monitor the recorder every 21 seconds. the operator of this train indicated that he tried to apply the brakes, and it didn't work. i asked mtsb board members about thathat, they mentioned that ths train had nine stops before the accident, and the brakes seemed to be working fine. it will be a concern if the brakes suddenly failed. they interviewed the operator this afternoon. he was drug and alcohol tested and his cell phone records were subpoenaed, and the mtsb will be down taking a closer look at the tracks to see if there might have been something wrong with the tracks themselves. a very busy day. >> a lot of pieces to the pussel. lisa stark in washington for us.
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thank you. >> three years after his manslaughter conviction dave warren stands trial again. he was one of three officers convicted in the killing of henry glover. we're live in new orleans , ben, what can you tell bus this new trial, and what will be different about the first? >> reporter: stephanie, essentially we're going to see two completely new trials. when the officer was on trial he was on actua trial with two othr police officers, and there was a cover up of this murder and the trial evolved around the fact that henry glover had been taken in a car, it was lit on fire near the west bank and burned. that was the major component of
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it. here now defense attorneys say that was not a fair trial. they wanted that to change. they went to appellate court and that was overturned. we're seeing essentially a completely different trial. we're seeing different evidence and nothing from those other officers will be admitted in this trial. this is a major civil rights case and nationally known after hurricane katrina. they thought they had closure. now they know that they don't. >> that has to be true of the glover team. we've just seen those pictures. bell he continue to see that. thank you. >> the obama administration said it has met it's deadline to fix the website. the administration promised all would be well in november. we will gather to the white house with more details, mike, this was a big deadline for the administration. are all the problems with the
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website solved? >> reporter: they aren't all solved but they say its like night and day after that disastrous launch of octobe october 1st. they cite certain benchmarks, certain metrics, error rates down to 1%. they were 6% at the outset of this debacle in the estimation of administration officials. as many as 800,000 a day and they achieved 90% functionality. you recall that by the end of last month, november 31st they had promised an 80% functionality. by their own estimation they have exceeded that. but that's by their own estimation. for the time being we'll have to take their word for it. it's all a anecdotal at this point. there are questions about the website's security when people are entering sensitive personal information and data, and about insurers on the back end, are
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they getting the correct information to bill customers who are successful in enrolling. is theris their information safs there information about the tax subsidies. you're told if eligible for tax subsidies, and a lot of increasing traffic over the next three weeks between now and december 23rd. you got to enroll by december 23rd online or elsewhere if you're going to be covered by january 1st when the law kicks in. >> all those procrastinators will start to enroll. mike viqueira live, mike, thank you. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist dave warren. the problem is in the southern
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plains. wichita is just above a quarter mile visibility that has caused a number of road accidents along 45 and 40. headlights barely visible, and that's because of visibility is down. it could be clear and then you run into dense fog. so take your time on the roadways there. the radar plus the cloud shows that it's clear. it's the low clouds and fog in place here. but the radar plus clouds is changing in the northwest. as the storm moves in it will impact weather across the country. and we'll have all the details coming up on the national forecast. >> thank you. coming up, tensions escalate as anti-government escalations take a violent turn in thailand. plus one of the four olympic gold medals won by track and star field jesse owens at the berlin games is up for auction.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. egyptian police fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators camped near cairo university. protesters set fire to a police car on sunday and protesters are protesting the death of an engineering student. it was the largest gathering there in months. there have been fewer demonstrations since new restrictions on protests were passed a week ago. an anti-government demonstration take a violent turn in thailand. police fired water canons and water bullets as protesters tried to force their way into government buildings. the prime minister said that she would do anything to stop the violence but cannot accept demands from protesters. >> reporter: a battle for control of thailand is being waged on two fronts. anti-government protesters are
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trying to enter the office of prime minister and headquarters of the bangkok metropolitan police. this time a rubbish trug was used to try to break through the concrete barriers erected by the police. occupants were forced to a quick release. they wanted government's and the prime minister gone. yingluck shinawatra spoke to the media a day afte after the meetg with the protest leader. she said she was willing to do anything to end the crisis. but she said their demands are unconstitutional. >> last night after we met him we found out he isn't interested in the resignation of the prime minister. nor does he want to dissolve the parliament. he wants me to return the powers of the prime minister to the people. this provision does not exist under constitution allah. that's why it doesn't mean that
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we say no, but this negotiation we don't know how to make it happen. >> reporter: in the meantime, the immediate aims of those fighting here are clearer and more specific. in areas like this it is not a crowd dispersal operation. it is the case of the protesters using whatever and doing whatever they can to push inside that area. and the police are holding their lines. as well as tear gas, rubble bullets and water canons laced with chemicals are being used. anyone caught unprepared is brought to a standstill. the defenses of the protesters are crude. fans to blow away the tear gas, plastic bags so they don't breathe it in. they show no signs of giving up but the assault seems to be making little head way. al jazeera america bangkok. >> vice presidentio biden has arrived in japan for a week long
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tour of asia. he'll also visit china and south korea. the president will try to disfuse tension between china and japan over china's new air defense zone in the east china sea. the u.s. and other nations have said china is trying to claim international air space. well, one day you may be able to get one online purchases shortly after you order them. amazon wants customers to get their items in a half hour and they have deployed a fleet of drones that would airlift packages to buyers. they may be ready for take off in the next five years. >> these are octecopters, effectively drones. there's no reasons why they can't be used as delivery vehicles. >> the drones could carry packages up to five pounds. the bulk of the packages that amazon ships.
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>> well, street still seems to be in holiday mode with stocks not making big moves. right now the dow stands up a little bit, up two points. the blue chips have been trading lower for most of the day. the s&p 50 500 trading flat. the total amount spent on construction was the most in more than four years, but the gains came from a big rise in demand for public building while private home and commercial projects fell. the institute of supply activity grew at its fastest pace in it was and a half years. factories ramped up productions, increased higher and increased orders from last month. it is cyber monday,
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americans haven't been waiting. numbers have been showing how much was spent online before today's big rush. thanksgiving internet sales were up 21% to three-quarters of a billion dollars. on black friday they were 15% higher hitting $1.2 billion. the two-day increase was 17% compared to last year. well, if you're looking for partridge in a pear tree and all the items in the list it will cost you 7% more this year. you'll get a break with the five gold rings and two turtle doves. they're priced the same as last year. in other news, strikes are
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planned at fast food outlets nationwide. they're calling for strikes in 100 cities including pittsburgh, charleston, south carolina, and new york. they want hourly wages raised from the federal minimum to $15. industry officials say wage hikes would force layoffs. a piece of historic gold is up for auction. this olympic medal was won by track star jesse owen in the 1936 games in berlin. the medal is being auctioned online. owens won gold in the 100 and 200 meters, 400 relay as well as the long jump. the 85-year-old american being held in nort north korea n good condition. merrill newman was arrested more than a month ago just as he was about to take leave on an airline liner. he served in the korean war and
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they are holding him to investigate war crimes. they show him reading what they say is an apology. the u.s. is calling for his immediate release. >> why a new distillery opened up shot in detroit. that and much more when al jazeera america returns.
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power of the people until we restore our freedoms and r
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are today's headlines. thousands of new york city commuters had to find other ways to get to new york this morning after a train derailed just outside of manhattan. investigators have recovered the train's data recorders to determine the cause of the accident that left four people dead and others injured. the obama administration said they have fixed the let car heae
12:26 pm website. it's cyber monday. millions will be clicking the mouse to grab major deals on the internet. and many americans already shopping on the job. the popularity of locally brewed liquor is growing, and a neal jazeera bisi onile-ere reports. >> reporter: two james spirits at the distillery is a company in the business of making liquor. gin, vodka and whiskey are their specialties. >> that bubbling is just co2. >> reporter: this is the first time liquor has been legally produced in detroit since prohibition nearly a century ago. when state lawmakers aunted the small distillery law in 2008 it opened the door for investment.
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>> we're bringing back history and getting back to detroit's roots with whiskey. >> reporter: when two james distillery was established the owners considered locations all across the country. they say detroit stood apart from the rest. >> there is an energy within the city with people moving down here, new businesses. i think we put all those factors together it was clear to us that detroit was the right place. >> reporter: they invested $1 million into the company and turned this old taxi warehouse into a brewing operation with a full staff. from the ingredients to the packaging, everything is local. some economists say the distillery business has a potential to boost the state economy by hundreds of millions of dollars. like many new businesses coming to detroit, the city's financial issues did not deter them from setting up shop. where some see obstacles peter bailey sees opportunity.
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>> this craft distilling movement might help diversify argentina in michigan even further as we start to grow collectively. >> reporter: and their investment in the neighborhood on the rebound is welcomed by many who live here. right now they're on pace to produce 3,000 cases of premium liquor this year. and in a warehouse where the aroma is literally intoxicating. these entrepreneurs see a future where the glass is always at least half full. bisi onile-ere, al jazeera, detroit. >> there are about 23,150 distilleries in the united states. >> meteorologist: and the pacific northwest is where we'll start. i'll meteorologist dave warren. look out for snow there. the elevation 4,000 along interstate 90. a storm effecting this region, the pacific northwest seeing a
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lot of moisture moving in, dumping rain and snow in the cascades, and then the rockies and idaho and montana rain and snow continues to come down. it will will all push slowly south. this is cold air that is moving across the northwest, and this will drastically change our weather pattern temperature-wise and that will bring in the snow through utah, idaho, montana and wyoming. the temperatures will be changing over the next few days. you can see the rain and snow develop in the northwest, and then rain come to the mid-atlantic in the northeast as cold air dominates the west and warm air returns to the mid-atlantic states. here comes the cold air over the western united states. and it will bring wednesday, thursday and friday to the mid-atlantic states. >> dave warren. thank you. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm stephani stephanie sy. "the stream" is next. and there is news at the top of every hour.
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have a great day, and thanks for watching. >> you're in the stream. school lunches are as much about food as they are politics. we from innovators on the front lines of the school lunch food fight. >> our digital producer is here. wa j. >> huge feedback

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